Interested in where we came from?

My Christmas present to the entire family is this. About a year of tedious work, and I've got the family history as close to completed as is possible at this time.

The family tree is below in two files because the entire Family Tree is too large to be displayed in a single pdf; one for John McClarren and one for Debbie McClarren. These are below and in Adobe Acrobat. You should have it on your computer, but if not, you can easily download Acrobat Reader from a thousand places on the internet. It should also be noted that, due to problems in exporting the file to this format, some of the names of people and places have been cut off. Usually it's only half a letter, but sometimes it's several. I have the full files on my computer and if you'd like me to give you the full details on an individual, you can contact me directly for that.

John's Family TreeDebra's Family Tree