To get started, copy and paste the following into a blank text file (like notepad or wordpad):

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">


<title>Insert your title here!</title>



This is where you're going to type all of the html and stuff that will show up on your webpage.


To learn html or view great reference guides (this is a brilliant and easy to use site for learning html, which is a very very easy thing to learn) go to

You can test your html code at The FuzzPad HTML Tester

Once you've saved the file ending with .html instead of .txt (that means simply renaming it, nothing fancy) edit and modify it until it looks the way you want it. View it using internet explorer, edit it using notepad. Click on the file while holding the shift key to change the program used to open it (click "open with..."). Some people think it's easier to use Microsoft Word or Publisher, but I don't like them. You might find them easier. I don't think you even need to know html to create pages using MS Word, but they probably won't look as good as if you had learned the html yourself. Anyway, happy trails!


Instructions for using stuff:

Email: First, make sure it's set up. Email me from you current address. If you don't have one, then contact me somehow else. Your new email address will be "yourname" To check your email once it's set up, go to . Then you just log in.

Blog: your weblog is located at . To access the control panel (that is, to modify your blog like adding announcements and stuff) go to . Your username and password are both just your name. When you play around with stuff, you can change your password. You might be able to change your username too, but I'm not sure.

Putting stuff online: Open filezilla. If you don't have filezilla, download it; it's free. Just use google to find it. In address type; in username type; for password just type your name. Then, just click and drag files from your computer into your file. To change your password, contact me. You only have access to your own files within the website.

To use the bulletin board: get in by clicking from the homepage and by entering the username and password (if you forget these, email me). When you're in, create a username and password for yourself. Then begin posting.

If at any time you have a problem, let me know. If you screw anything up, let me know and I can fix it. I have access to everything.